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travel to croatia

Medveja, Opatija riviera, beautiful pebble beach, Travel to Croatia

Medveja, Opatija Riviera

MedvejaNine kilometers from Opatija, and only two kilometers from Lovran, you will find a small place Medveja. The legend says that Medveja has named after the Greek myth heroine Medeja, after hiding in that area with Jason. The underground streams flowing directly from the Ucka mountain into the sea on the beach of Medveja. And also according to the same story is Medea’s tears.
The beautiful pebble beach with its total area occupies 44 km2. Where everyone can find a perfect place to rest. But, there is also, a campground situated in the area of the delta of the creek which flows from Ucka Mountain.

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Crikvenica Riviera, Travel to Croatia, Kvarner bay

Crikvenica Riviera

crikvenica rivieraIf you like the sea. Nature. You like the sun, beautiful sunny beaches. You are a fan of history and tradition. What else to say? Crikvenica has everything for you. Because Crikvenica Riviera is one of the most picturesque parts of the Adriatic shore. It is sea landscape, and land full of greenery in Vinodol valley. And also continental forest part with a perfect climate that refreshing on summer hot days. This climate attracts tourists for centuries now. And here are also the specialties of Crikvenica Riviera. Like antics clues, museums, galleries and fine food, wine and hospitable people attached to sea, tourists, and fisheries.

Sun, fresh air and aroma of the sea salt and green parks and walking paths are irresistible reasons to come to Crikvenica Riviera. Also, there are other beautiful and charming small places like Jadranovo, Dramalj, and Selce. They are so different but so harmonic. You will find more about these places on this website also. Continue reading

Opatija riviera, Kvarner bay, Travel to Croatia

Opatija Riviera

opatija rivieraVisiting Opatija Riviera, town Opatija in Croatia. Known as the ‘Old Dame’, the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’ or the ‘Queen of Tourism’, is an exceptional seacoast resort city. Also With an extended history of tourism stretching back to 1844.

Opatija, this beautiful tourist place. Lies in the middle of the Kvarner Riviera with the longest tradition of tourism in Croatia. The very attractive geographic position. Enabling its warm seas to be quickly reached from a lot of cities in Central Europe. (only about five hundred kilometers from Milano, Vienna, and Münich). Also, the lush green scenery and a nice climate (45° 20’ north latitude) were a number of the main reasons for its starting and the fast development of its tourism at the end of the nineteenth century. Continue reading

Bakarac Kvarner Riviera, small beautiful settlement near Rijeka, Croatia

Bakarac Kvarner Riviera

Bakarac Kvarner RivieraBakarac Kvarner Riviera is a settlement in the town of Kraljevica, located in the Bay of Bakar, not far from Rijeka.
The main activities of this region are tourism, agriculture, and also fisheries.
Exactly opposite to Bakarac is Bakar. So some people in the bay on opposite sides of these two places are calling the Bakar Bay and the other (from Bakarac) Bakarac Bay.

Bakarac was a military station in the Roman era. The place is very famous for the original wooden tuners. Which is still in good condition. And was very effective for tuna catching (also, tuna now no longer exists in the bay);

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Gorski kotar, Fuzine, small tourist town, Travel to Croatia

Gorski kotar, Fuzine

Gorski kotar, FuzineFuzine is located 730 meters above sea level, in the southwestern part of Gorski Kotar, surrounded by picturesque mountains, the silence of centuries-old pine forests and the beauty of its lakes. From its inception to the present day, Fuzine can thank for the development of a very good traffic location and close to the transit routes. Once the Karolina road connecting the interior with the coast, the railway line, and today the Zagreb – Rijeka motorway. Which shortens the road to the sea at only half hours. It is a real pleasure to spend the summer in the sea and enjoy the pleasant mountain air in the numerous accommodation facilities.


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Travel to Croatia, Tribalj lake, Crikvenica, Kvarner riviera

Tribalj lakeTribalj is a village in the hinterland of Crikvenica, in Vinodolski municipality. The settlement is position at the intersection of the roads between Drivenik and Grizane. The town has about 600 inhabitants.
The Church of the Mother of God in the Tribalj Field is mention in history as a place of magistracy according to the Vinodol Code. As evidenced by the Glagolitic list. In the area of Tribalj settlement Strance, an old Croatian necropolis from the 8th to the 11th century was discovered. With numerous exhibits kept in the Naval and Historical Museum in Rijeka. In Tribalj there is an accumulation lake: Tribalj lake.


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Plitvice lakes Croatia, National park, beautiful miracle of nature

Plitvice lakes Croatia

plitvice lakes croatiaWhen you travel to Croatia, there is the place you must see. National park Plitvice. Within the boundaries of this heavily wooded parkland, Plitvice lakes Croatia, sixteen crystal-clear lakes tumble into one another via a series of waterfalls and cascades. The waters rich with minerals carve through the rock, depositing tufa in regularly ever-changing formations. Clouds of butterflies drift on top of the 18km of timbered footbridges and pathways that snake around the edges and across the rumbling water.


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Bakar, one of the oldest city in North Adriatic Sea

Bakar North Adriatic Sea, Croatia

Bakar panoramaBakar is an ancient city and port, one among the oldest cities of the North Adriatic Sea with a long and rich history.
The old core of the town has been declaring as a cultural monument in 1968. This region has been inhabited within the third and second century B.C. and therefore the Roman Empire has also left traces of its existence
here. The Croatian Lords belonging to the families of Frankopan and Zrinski lived here and also the Empress Marija Terezija granted this town the status of a king’s city.

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Lovran, Kvarner riviera, one of my favorite place in that part of Adriatic sea

About Lovran

old-town-LovranLovran is a small town in Istria, Croatia, on the western coast of the Kvarner Bay with a population of something over 4000. Its name derives from Laurel (Laurus nobilis), as shown in the coat of arms.

Lovran is one of the oldest coastal settlements on the eastern shore of the Istrian peninsula. By the early Middle Ages, it was an important urban and shipbuilding center of northern Adriatic. Following the sudden development of port towns in the vicinity (Trieste, Pula, and Rijeka). Which became the new and dominant urban centers in the region, because of them Lovran lost its significance. Continue reading

Travel to Croatia, Ika Kvarner riviera beautiful small place

Ika Kvarner Riviera is a place with something over 480 inhabitants on the eastern coast of Istria, in the Kvarner Bay. It is on the Opatija Riviera. And administratively as a settlement belongs to the city of Opatija. Today, Ika almost got together with neighboring places, Icici in the north and Lovran in the south. Continue reading
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