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Island Pasman Croatia, Adriatic Sea

island pasman croatia zdrelac

Island Pasman within the Adriatic coast in Croatia, situated south of Zadar. The island surrounds the islands of Ugljan, Iz, Dugi Otok and Kornati Archipelago. Island Pasman is ecologically preserve. With many kinds of agent and aromatic plants. One of the greenest islands in the Adriatic Sea, and also one of the destinations with the clearest sea. Clearness is because of currents which change direction every six hours in this area.


Island Pasman connections


The island has excellent connections with the coast, Biograd, and Zadar. On the island there are 11 villages, all together they have about 2000 inhabitants. The first of that village is in the North-east of the island, the name is Zdrelac. It is right behind the bridge with which connects island Pasman with the island of Ugljan. It gets the name, because of the narrow passage on which end it is situate. There is a bridge over the sea passage. 

island pasman beach

That bridge had been built in 1973. and its length is 210 meters. Zdrelac is on the intersection of the sea passages, an excellent place to start the excursions through all other islands, especially on Kornati archipelago, and it is a very attractive destination for the yachtsman, sailors and all people who love the sports on the water.

Beautiful and preserved nature and very clean sea are the best invitations for everyone who really wants to take a good vacation and to enjoy in it. The island of Pasman is the real place for the people who love nature, so if you are one of them, welcome to the island of Pasman.

island pasman croatia zdrelac center

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