Holidays to Croatia, Kvarner Riviera

Kraljevica Kvarner Riviera

Kraljevica Kvarner RivieraKraljevica Kvarner Riviera is an old seaside town, located at the entrance to the Bay of Bakar, in the heart of the Kvarner bay, where the inland roads first encounter the sea. The area of the City stretches to 1753 ha of land and to 365 ha of sea. The coast is indented and long is about 13km. Also, distances from Kraljevica are: To Zagreb, there is 158km, to Ljubljana, is 139, to Triest 94, to Venice 253, to Graz 328 km.

Two reliefs are visible in the area of the town. A fertile Vinodol Valley with very steep eastern precipitation and a coastal bias with a slight incline towards the sea. More than 4500 inhabitants live in the six settlements: Bakarac, Kraljevica, Krizisce, Mali Dol, Smrika and Veli Dol. The climate is the Mediterranean. The average annual air temperature is 13.8 ° C and the mean annual sea temperature is 15.3 ° C. During the summer months, the average air temperature is around 24 ° C, and the sea is about 22 ° C. It has about 81 days of sunshine.

Kraljevica and the settlements

In the vision filled with blue sky, from the sky and the sea. And the greenery of lush vegetation dominated by two medieval castles with the church. The legacy of the Croatian noble families Zrinski and Frankopan. For the summer months, the historic castles live as centers of numerous cultural and entertainment events. Beside Kraljevica as the center of this area are also unavoidable destinations. Such as picturesque Bakarac in the Bakar Bay, Krizisce and Do in green Vinodol, Smrika on the plateau above the sea and Neriz in a beautiful bay in the south. A small distance from large centers, also, accommodation facilities in hotels, motels, private boarding houses and campsites with many amenities for recreation. Also, nautical tourism and underwater activities and a rich entertainment and cultural offer make Kraljevica an attractive tourist destination.

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