Holidays to Croatia, Kvarner Riviera

Opatija Riviera

opatija rivieraVisiting Opatija Riviera, town Opatija in Croatia. Known as the ‘Old Dame’, the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’ or the ‘Queen of Tourism’, is an exceptional seacoast resort city. Also With an extended history of tourism stretching back to 1844.

Opatija, this beautiful tourist place. Lies in the middle of the Kvarner Riviera with the longest tradition of tourism in Croatia. The very attractive geographic position. Enabling its warm seas to be quickly reached from a lot of cities in Central Europe. (only about five hundred kilometers from Milano, Vienna, and Münich). Also, the lush green scenery and a nice climate (45° 20’ north latitude) were a number of the main reasons for its starting and the fast development of its tourism at the end of the nineteenth century.

Built primarily at the turn of the twentieth century, Opatija has remained in complete harmony with Nature right up till this day. Well-maintained public gardens. The well-lighted 12-km-long coastal promenade called the “Lungomare”. Well-kept beaches and fountains offer a stunning scenery for the villas and hotels that cater well for many guests.

Due to proportionally constant temperature (winter average 7.0 °C, summer average 21.9 °C). And due to the high atmospheric pressure and constant circulation of air. The climate in Opatija is relaxing and refreshing. Also the contrasts of the sea and mountains, green parks and blue sea. Finally, the old buildings and fashionable comforts, noisy amusement venues and quiet destinations for excursions all mix to create Opatija and its surroundings a really attractive tourist resort at any time of the year.