Holidays to Croatia, Kvarner Riviera

Porozina island CresPorozina is the name of the village and the ferry port on the west side of the island of Cres. Porozina island Cres, administratively, the settlement belongs to the town of Cres.

Today there is an old Porozina, built on the hill above the harbor and the new Porozina, a cottage settlement built in the last 20 years.

The resort is located in a bay in the north of the island. The bay is well protected from all the winds. So this place is the only place that has ever been suitable for the ferry docking.

On the hill above the pier, there was an ancient lighthouse at the time, and because of that, the locality got its name.(Pharum insulae).

Porozina island Cres

Today, on that place, there are also ruins of the Franciscan monastery of St. Nicholas and Gothic Church from the 15th century. The monastery belonged to the Franciscan Glagolitic Tertiaries who managed to preserve the Old Slavic language in the Church’s use until the 13th century. The church was often plundering and almost burning down in the 16th century. The church is in great condition. There are also Glagolitic inscriptions. While the monastery buildings were abandoned in 1843 and partly demolished. The remains of the walls show the characteristics of Renaissance architecture.

Near the ferry dock is the fish restaurant. The restaurant is located in the premises of a former barracks. Next to this restaurant are two cafés. Right next to the restaurant is the cafe, Porto. In Porozina there are three beautiful beaches that you can reach through the forest road. In Porozina the Istrian dialect is in use. Here are many tourists traveling to the town of Cres and to the island of Mali Lošinj. On the way to the town of Cres, you can see all of Istria, 120 km of the coast of eastern Istria. In the northern part of Cres there are other villages, but about them, you will read in some other article.

Forests are rich in wild edible plants. There are a lot of wild sheep and everyone who comes will experience the magic of the plant world. From meadow flowers in spring, there are violets, rose campion, wood anemone, sage, pigweed, lavender and many other aromatic plants.

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