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Senj Riviera

senj riviera

Senj is a tourist destination and port in the Velebit channel, Senj Riviera. The location of the town of Senj is on the edge of a wooded slope at the foot of the Velebit mountain bare rocks. From which a strong wind called Bura blows in the winter. This region was used to cross from the inland to the coastal area since ancient times. Roman and Greek geographers, and also historians, mention a port named Senia where Senj stands today. All historical secrets of the town are located in the city museum.


History enthusiasts can visit the historic sights of the fortress Nehaj. (Medieval fortress from the 16th century, a symbol of the town of Senj). The gothic town hall (located on the Mala placa square, featuring the city loggia from the 14th century). And Carina palace (dating from the 18th century). It is a rectory in which the bishops archives, a large library and a collection of religious art are located. Here, visitors have at their disposal fully equipped public beach, a Spasovac bay and a few smaller beaches with crystal clear water. Also, be sure to visit the National Park Northern Velebit and the Velebit Nature Park, in order to enjoy the beauty of untouched nature.

There are several events during the summer months. And we can recommend some of them. Like „Senj International Summer Carnival“ as well as the carnival in the wintertime, and also the fishermen’s festivities. There is also the “Senj musical summer,” the “Gospa Snježna” holiday and the “Senjski Vitezovi” soccer tournament. Food lovers can enjoy local delicacies in the following restaurants: “Kosare,” “Martina,” “Gajeta” and “Stari Grad.” While in Senj, we recommend that you visit Opatija, Rijeka, Slunj, and Karlovac.

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