Holidays to Croatia, Kvarner Riviera


Volosko nightWhile Opatija has not yet existed as a world-famous tourist destination, Volosko was the seat of the district, commercial port and administrative center. Nowadays, Volosko has lost its importance. But the magic attraction of a picturesque seaside resort, the inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists, the refuge of all those who seek the oasis of peace in the narrow alleys, along with a cup of coffee on the waterfront, in the unique ambiance of the fishing harbor and the mole. There is also something special about the view from the top of the Volosko seafront. From here to the south, the entire Adriatic Sea opens…

Passing through the narrow streets of the old town core, you will come across a monument that reminds us that here, in the home at the very beginning of the coastal promenade of Lungomare, born Andrija Mohorovičić. He was a world-renowned scientist. Also, discoverer of discontinuity surfaces which divides the Earth’s bark from its mantle.

This small place is today also a synonym for a good gastronomy. From the typical taverns and fish markets where you can enjoy local specialties. To the top restaurants that have found their place in the most prestigious guides for gourmets. All this is offered by Volosko and many more. Also, it is only three kilometers of pleasant walks along the sea away from Opatija. Do not miss to visit it!

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